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Curiosity is a sign of intelligence.

Will yours take you far enough to discover why Sleet and Floe are stuck on this beautiful desolate planet?

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  • Recourse is a puzzle game about two A.I. units, Sleet and Floe. Sleet gains consciousness on a colorful but desolate ice planet and soon finds Floe recovering from an emergency shutdown. They will travel around, solve puzzles, confront enemies and search for answers on what might have happened on this seemingly abandoned planet.

Key Features:

  • Rich puzzle mechanics:
    • Recourse currently has 100 individual puzzle elements that combine with each other, creating an unprecedentedly rich puzzle solving experience spanning 24 maps.
    • You can use physics, fire, electricity, wind, sounds, colors, circuitry and much more to solve the puzzles.
    • Puzzles are not limited to small rooms; they span entire levels. You can easily use the tools and objects from one puzzle to solve the others.
    • There are 50 other gameplay elements (hazards, animals, tools etc.) further enriching the environment.
  • 3 game modes: Puzzle, Wave Rush and Payload. They share elements but differ in their objectives.
  • Deployables: Tools you can deploy to interact with the environment or counter enemies.
  • Freedom of Movement: Recourse provides an immense character mobility experience where you can dash, jump, boost yourself up in the air and grapple onto pretty much any surface to reach any point within the level perimeters. You're never limited to the ground.
  • Unlockables: Upgrades, new levels, scientist logs, and a mysterious weapon called "WINTER".
  • Split-Screen Co-Op: A second player can join or leave seamlessly in all game modes.


  • Recourse was designed with a heavy emphasis on accesibility in order to cater for the needs of a wide variety of players.
  • We strongly encourage all our players to share any suggestions they may have with us for further improvements.
  • Colorblind-friendly Palette:
    • Gameplay critical elements are designated with blue, orange, yellow, white and black colors.
    • Red and green colors are never used in the same puzzle.
  • Sound-based Puzzle Elements:
    • Sound-based puzzle elements also have icons visualizing their type.
  • Motion Sickness Options:
    • The game can be played in first or third person views. There are separate field of view settings for each view mode.
    • Motion blur, lens flares and many other features can be toggled off to reduce pixel smearing.
    • Please be aware that the fast-paced nature of the game, especially in the wave rush and payload modes may still cause some nausea if you experience motion sickness while playing video games. Playing in a well-lit environment and putting some distance between you and the screen (so that there is some blank space around it) may help reducing motion sickness.

Press, Reviewers and Streamers:

  • Press kit and other resources can be accessed here .
  • For any other questions, our press contact address is press (at) cloudsandblue (dot) com.
  • Streamers are welcome to ask for review keys, but please bear in mind that:
    • At the moment, we are conservatively distributing keys to well known reviewers, curators, and streamers.
    • Due to the unfortunate prevalence of fraudulent key requests, we will not reply to any e-mail contact requests from streaming channels that do not feature the same address on their official page.
  • Recourse comes with no non-disclosure conditions.
    • You are completely free to stream your gameplay or upload "let's play" or any other kind of videos online.
    • We will never issue any false copyright claims on such videos.
    • We would kindly ask you to use appropriate titles (walkthrough, speed-run etc.) to prevent accidental spoilers for your viewers.


  • "Shards of Memory" update. This consists of smaller maps.