• Floe is one of the two protagonists of Recourse. She joins Sleet after he wakes her up from an emergency shutdown.
  • She suffers from a scrambled memory, but has many archives on the interactions of humans and A.I. units back on Earth.
  • Floe will often give you hints on the puzzles you encounter.
  • She will also have conversations with you revealing more about the game's backstory and why you might be on a different solar system than Earth.
  • Floe can upgrade herself when you collect enough items.

No Upgrades:

Even with no upgrades, Floe can still help you by giving hints on puzzles and telling you how things were before your arrival. She can take a more active role and can be deployed to any point in the level by holding the "Interact (Floe)" command. She will open her shield after reaching the desired point and can collect Failbot CPUs and memory drives. In its basic form, the shield would not block any damage but indicate the her collection range. Points in hazardous places can be easily collected by to Floe, as she is invincible. Floe can be called back by holding the "Interact (Floe)" command.


When you get damaged, Floe can send some of her repair nanobots to patch you up. It would take her a few sconds to prepare the bots unless she has deployed herself in the field. If you get hurt, she will restart the countdown. If deployed, Floe can start sending the bots almost immediately.


Floe can scan for Failbots and question marks. The symbol on your HUD will start pulsating faster as you get closer to a question mark. Floe will scan for Failbots as well and display their location on your HUD. She will also point their location with orange arrows.


Although Sleet loves grappling around the world, he cannot carry an object at the same time. Floe can help you achieve this or simply allow you to carry two objects simultaneously. Her grappling technology is also superior to yours: hers would not detach when there is an obstacle in the way.


Floe can trap Failbots inside her shield. They can enter but will not be able to leave. The containment upgrade also lets Floe block their projectiles and beams. The projectiles shot by Sentries will turn against Failbots and home to the nearest target after a few bounces.


With this upgrade, Floe can collect anything dropped by Failbots. She would leave collecting pick-ups and question marks that are already placed in the level to you.


Floe can stun Failbots to interrupt their attacks and incapacitate them for three seconds.


Floe can fire a salvo of three small homing missiles which would explode near their target and apply splash damage to nearby enemies.


Floe can slow down any Failbot entering her shield range by a factor of ten.


Dramatically increases the effect and frequency of all previous upgrades. Floe will be able to take out hordes of Failbots with little effort, letting you take care of other things in th level.