Game Modes Overview:

  • Recourse has 3 game modes: Puzzle, Wave Rush and Payload. They share elements but differ in their objectives.


  • There are 13 puzzle levels in the core game.
  • Puzzle levels have main routes that lead to the level finish.
  • There are also secondary routes that allow you to collect question marks or other secrets.
  • When you finish later levels, some gates in puzzle levels will be unlocked when you enter the level. This will give you a head start when working toward the 100% completion goals.

Wave Rush:

  • There are 4 wave rush levels in the core game.
  • The goal is to collect as many waves as possible.
  • Enemies grow tougher with each wave.
  • Waves will be dropped from the last enemy and must be collected before they disappear.
  • The number of enemies that must be defeated increases with each wave.
  • Alternatively, Failbot memories can be converted into waves using the conversion panels.
  • Wave rush levels can be exited at anytime.


  • There are 4 payload levels in the core game.
  • The goal is to collect and deposit as many points as possible to the wagon.
  • The wagon must be escorted to its terminal to unlock the level finish.
  • The wagon's speed can be boosted for five seconds if you collect a speed boost power up.
  • Speed boost can be manually activated in exchange for 15 deposited chips by interacting with the wagon's panel.
  • The wagon will move on its own in speed boost mode.
  • The completed part of the rail will chnage its colour from orange to blue.
  • It is not possible to deposit points when the countdown finishes.
  • There is a bonus for finishing before the timer runs out: the remaining time will be converted to chips based on your average rate and added to your total deposits.
  • The best strategy is to collect points sooner and escort the wagon when possible.