• Sleet is one of the two protagonists of Recourse. He is an A.I. unit that gains his consciousness on a desolate arctic planet. He travels between different levels to solve puzzles and then meets Floe, the other protagonist of the game who comes from Earth.
  • Sleet is equipped with advanced mobility modules, a grappling technology, a launcher and a holographic shield that enables him to quickly reach any point within the level perimeters and interact with the environment to solve puzzles or fight against non-intelligent robots.
  • Sleet is a curious robot and he will have conversations with Floe about the life of an A.I. unit on Earth and what might have happened on this planet in a different solar system.


You can dash every half seconds in the direction Sleet is moving (even in mid-air).

Jet Boost:

You can use the jet boost ability to quickly gain altitude. Jet boost would reset when you land or succesfully grapple onto a surface.


You can grapple onto almost every surface to quickly traverse the levels quickly. Certain objects can be carried once grappled. You can also push buttons using your grappling ball. The cursor will turn white if the surface can be grappled, blue if it is an interactable object and gray if grappling does not apply. Grappling has no cooldown, but you must wait for the grappling ball to return before attempting again.

Holographic Shield:

Your holographic shield can protect you from all kinds of damage for 3 seconds. It will take another 3 seconds to cooldown. If you time it correctly, opening up your shield when a Bouncer bomb is about to impact will turn the bomb against Failbots. Turned bombs will seek for the nearest enemy (prioritizing their own Bouncer).

Objects with UI:

Certain objects will have interactable panels or screens, allowing you to change their configuration. For example, the generators will have panels that can be used to start them. The wagon in Payload missions have a small panel that would let you boost its speed in exchange for points. The ultimate UI objects in the game are server terminals which have their own little operating system.


After interacting with flight rings or race checkpoints, Sleet temporarily gains the ability to fly. The duration of the flight can be extended by going through another flight ring or race checkpoint. Sleet gains a quick speed boost with every extension.