• Weakest Failbots.
  • Short range beam weapon. Easy to avoid .
  • Can slowly trace you while firing.
  • Their attacks can be easily avoided by listening to their wind up sound.
  • Not affected by thumpers.
  • Dangerous in groups.


  • They can launch bouncing bombs.
  • They have melee attacks.
  • Their bombs can be turned against Failbots if they hit your shield while opening.
  • Converted bombs will home to the nearest Failbot.
  • Bouncers occasionally go for a high jump, but cannot change direction while in the air.
  • Countered by: tesla coils, vortices and dingularities.


  • Can pick up and throw you, other Failbots and physics objects.
  • Their grip cannot be broken unless they are destroyed.
  • Multiple melee attacks.
  • Can stampede, damaging anything in front of them.
  • Damaged and stunned if they stampede into a wall.
  • Countered by: saw blades, vortices, and singularities.


  • Heavily armored.
  • Equipped with 4 projectile shooters.
  • Need to come out of their shields to shoot.
  • Cannot move and shoot at the same time.
  • Weak against saw blades and incinerators.
  • Countered by: incinerators, saw blades, vortices, and singularities.


  • Powerful long-range beam weapon.
  • Can destroy you with a single shot.
  • Comes out spawn points firing on the ground.
  • Cannot sense you in close range.
  • You cannot dash through their legs.
  • Countered by: incinerators, tesla coils, vortices, and singularities.