Saw Blade:

  • Damage: 200 points (per second)
  • Destroys crates (and more) blocking your way.
  • Can be deployed to box in and damage Failbots.
  • Effective against Constructs, Sentries, and Striders.


  • Damage: 200 points (per second)
  • Powers up heat-activated objects.
  • Melts down ice cubes (but not hardened glaciers).
  • Damages Failbots over time.
  • Failbots do not continue burning after exiting its flames.
  • Effective against Constructs, Sentries, and Striders.

Tesla Coil:

  • Damage: 30 points per bolt
  • Charge: 10 bolts
  • Range: 25 meters (27.34 yards)
  • Powers up sockets.
  • Can damage Failbots in its range.
  • Fires one bolt per second.
  • Effective against all Failbots.


  • Damage: 200 points per second
  • Rotation Speed: 60 degrees per second
  • Powers up optical receivers.
  • Deployed lasers bounce once.
  • Lasers placed in the world may bounce more than once.
  • Bouncing does not reduce damage.
  • Effective against all Failbots.


  • Damage: 100 points per second
  • Powers up wind-activated objects.
  • Elevates and hurl Failbots around.

Point A:

  • Requires an activated Point B to function.
  • Teleports the player and physics objects to an activated Point B.
  • Does not teleport Failbots.


  • Damage: 25 points per impact
  • Impact Interval: 2 seconds
  • Launches Failbots and physics objects in the air.
  • Highly effective in launching enemies toward ceiling hazards or simply cause them falling damage.
  • Can break apart hardened glaciers blocking the way.
  • Not effective against Drones.


  • Damage: 100 points per second
  • Pulls and traps Failbots at its center.
  • Highly effective in turning slippery enemies into easy targets or pin them against environmental hazards.
  • Ferrodrops will be sucked into nearby singularities and disappear.