Gameplay Elements Overview:

  • Recourse currently has 100 puzzle elements that combine with each other, creating an unprecedentedly rich puzzle solving experience spanning 24 maps.
  • You can use physics, fire, electricity, wind, sounds, colors, circuitry and much more to solve the puzzles.
  • Puzzles are not limited to small rooms; they span entire levels. You can easily use the tools and objects from one puzzle to solve the others.
  • There are 50 other gameplay elements (hazards, animals, tools etc.) further enriching the environment.

Circuitry Basics:

  • The puzzles in Recourse are often circuits that consist of puzzle elements connected to each other via circuitry.
  • Puzzle elements can range from simple buttons and nodes to thermometers, sockets, fans or even other self contained elements such as jigsaw puzzles or circuitboards.
  • Most of these elements will be connected to each other via cables. If no cables are going into a puzzle element, then it can be powered by another element of the same colour.

Basic Puzzle Elements:

Shared across all puzzles.

Physics Objects Weighted objects that can be grappled and carried around.
One-Way Cable Cables connect puzzle elements to each other. The small white arrows point the direction of the flow. Active cables will glow blue.
Two-Way Cable Cables connect puzzle elements to each other. Active cables will glow blue.
Sided Cable Sided cables run from side switching nodes to sided objects and indicate the current side by changing color.
Hold Button Square shaped buttons that needs to be held down to activate attached objects.
Toggle Button Can be switched on and off.
Timed Button Powers up attached objects during the countdown. The countdown is visualized on the button.
UI Button A toggle button that is interacted as a UI interface.
Logic Node Node that activates when the number of active connections satisfy the rule shown on it. The number of active incoming connections are shown in parenthesis.
Value Analyzer Sums the values obtained by attached objects and activates if the rule displayed is satisfied.
Gate Opens and closes depending on whether the attached circuitry is activated.
Holographic Gate Opens when activated. Never closes again.
Radial Gate Opens and closes depending on whether the attached circuitry is activated.
Resetting Gate Takes away your deployables.
Large Gate Gates found mainly in wave rush and payload modes.
Tulip Gate Opens and closes depending on whether the attached circuitry is activated.
Checkpoint You can respawn from activated checkpoints. Entering one restores health to 60%.
Level Finish Enter to finish and leave levels.
Radar Connector Powers up another connector of the same color and symbol. Radar links pulse through the air, showing where the other connection is.
Saver Node Saves your progress in the puzzle that it is attached to.
Question Marks Secret collectibles awarding exploration and ingenuity.
Enemy Dispenser Spawns enemies when activated.
Level Based Unlocker Activates if the displayed level is beaten.
Holographic Wall Selectively blocks objects and characters. White or yellow holographic walls block all characters and objects. Blue walls allow Sleet and objects pass through but block Failbots. Orange walls would block Sleet but would allow Sleet's grappling ball, objects and Failbots pass through.
Lock Opens when the displayed number of points are deposited.
Colour Matching Elements Elements with matching colours are connected even with no cables attached.
Deployable Pick-up Point Gives you the ability to launch the displayed deployable.
Deployable Pick-up (Permanent) Gives you the ability to permanently launch the dsiplayed deployable.
Side Switcher Switches the sides of attached objects when activated.
Time Trial Race For you to improve your mobility.

All other puzzle elements:

(You are kindly reminded to avoid this section if you wish to discover how puzzle elements work in the game yourself.)

Loopbox Changer Changes what the loopbox is playing to the loop it displays. Just place the loopbox in the white aura.
Audio Receiver Activates when only the displayed types of loopboxes are within is audiosphere.
Loopbox Plays a loop. Its volume can be turned down or up by interacting with it. It can shatter fragile glasses.
Battery A battery that can hold a charge level between 0-1000.
Battery Charger Charges batteries.
Battery Drainer Drains batteries.
Battery Nest Activates when four batteries are placed in it whether they are charged or not.
Circuitboard Activates when at least one blue and one orange node are connected. In addition, each pin would activate the cable attached to it.
Fragile Glass Cracks and shatters when a loopbox comes near, even when the loopbox has its volume turned down.
Glacier Blocks the way. Can be broken apart by thumpers, drills or cannisters.
Drill Can break apart glaciers. Its missing parts must be found and attached first.
Fan Activates when a vortex is nearby.
Ferro-Base Activates when a ferro-drop floats above it.
Ferro-Drop Flies toward ferro-bases or activated magnets, prioritizing the latter.
Flipframe Activates when a vortex is nearby.
Tuning Forks The receiver takes the average value of nearby tuning forks.
Generator Activates when turned on and never deactivates.
Heat Reveal Panel Reveals the card type it will accept when heated. Activates when the matching card is inserted.
Heat Reveal Card Can be inserted to heat reveal panels.
Heat Reveal Numbers Reveals a keycode when heated.
Ice Cube Melts when heated. Can contain objects or hide buttons.
Jigsaw Puzzle Activates when all jigsaw pieces are correctly inserted.
Jigsaw Piece Can be inserted into jigsaw puzzles
Black Jigsaw Puzzle Activates when all jigsaw pieces are correctly inserted. The black jigsaw pieces can be found within the arctic prefabs.
Black Jigsaw Piece Parts of the final puzzle in the game.
Memory Wave Converter Converts Failbot memory drives to waves. The wave immediately flies to the depositing player.
Keypad Activates when the keycode is entered correctly.
Launcher Launches objects forward.
Crate Blocks the way or hides buttons. Can be destroyed with saw blades.
Laser Source Fires two lasers, blue and orange.
Concave Lens Diverges the laser beams.
Convex Lens Converges the laser beams.
Laser Receiver Activates when the lasers are centered on the correct receivers.
Magnet Draws ferro-drops when activated.
Movie Projector Would play the movie in the inserted reel.
Movie Reel Can be placed in a movie projector.
Moving Base Can be connected to Sleet by pressing its movement button. While connected, it would move where Sleet is looking. Can be disconnect by interacting again. Its top can be elevated or rotated using the buttons on it.
Mystery Number Display A five digit code that can be entered to a mystery number input on the same level. Requires *a second pair of eyes* to see.
Mystery Number Input Where you enter the mystery numbers found in the same level. When correctly entered, it activates and remains that way.
Mystery Number Detector Detects the mystery number display and input locations. It can display hidden mystery numbers.
Mystery Detector Panel Where mystery number detectors can be picked up. It has a reset button that calls back the detector.
Optical Receiver Activates when a laser stream touches it.
Optical Receiver (Large) Like optical receivers but bigger.
Oyster Container Can contain objects. Can be opened with a saw blade.
Floating Platform Periodically floats up and down or simply floats above.
Socket Activates when there is a Tesla coil within its range.
Point B Can be activated to teleport objects from Point As.
Mass Scale Measures the total mass of the objects placed on its panel.
Toy Recycler Activates when the required object is deposited.
Rotating Base Rotates the attached object when activated.
Thermometer Activates when heated.
Failbot Switch Activates when the shown types of Failbots in its vicinity are defeated.
Terminal Activates when the wagon reaches it.
Weatherwane Activates when a vortex is nearby.
Piston Simple pistons that extend and retract periodically.
Panner Goes back and forth on its rail, carrying the attached objects.
Rotator Rotates its top and the objects attached to it.
Bidirectional Rotator Similar to rotators, but their direction can be changed by interacting with them.
Circuitboard Part Activates when the blue dots are connected. Blue lines are active.
Map Helps you track your location in large mazes.
Deployable Target Deployables can latch onto these regardless of their orientation.
Mirroring Sliding Squares Sliding square puzzles mirroring another one close by.
Radial Circuit Radial circuits that can be activated by rotating circuit wheels.
Quarter Lock Locks that block moving platforms. They are usually connected to overlap detectors.
Overlap Detector Detectors that activate when a moving platform overlaps.
Circuitry Node Redirects flow to other nodes or objects.
Optional Conversation UI Optional conversations that can be interacted at any time.
Hex Panels Intersecting circles of six panels. Solve by matching the colours to the sides.
Liquid Level Cylinder Tubes that can be filled with green goo. THey are solved when the exact amount of goo is inside.
Rotating Plates Six direction rotation controlled by smaller interfaces scattered nearby.
Sliding Squares Very simplistic square sliding puzzle. Can be interacted directly or via the UI interface.
Spline Tube Director Redirects balls to connected tubes.
Spline Tube Tubes that carry particular objects around.
Permeable Wall Walls that open up when powered.


The bread and butter of Recourse.

Saw Blade Can destroy crates and open up oyster containers.
Incinerator Interacts with heat-activated objects.
Tesla Coil Activates wall sockets.
Rotating Laser Rotates and activates optical receivers.
Vortex Activates wind-powered objects.
Point A Teleports Sleet and objects to the activated Point B.
Thumper Can break apart glaciers and launch objects upward.
Singularity Sucks in and destroys ferro-drops.


Side Purchaser Allows you to convert hazards to your side in exchange for some collectibles.
Jump Pad Launches you up in the air.
Boost Pad Boosts you in the designated direction.
Rolling Star A morning star without its chain and handle.
Lag Spikes Shoots its spikes with a delay.
Electric Fence Like a regular fence, but this one stings.
Hex Pillar Hexagonal bases that blast pillars with a wind up.
Cutout Radials Patterned holograms that harm anything that is not on their side.
Laser Spinner A spinner with protruding lasers. Looks like a discontinued disco prop.
Paint Baller Semi-spherical pumps launching potentially harmful paintballs.
Popping Mines Mines that are launched from the center that change their sides after each pop.
Safe Zoner A hazard that marks its own safe spots.
Sliced Sphere A failed industrial pizza cutting solution.
Spike Roller These were used mainly for harvesting.
Spiked Wheel A spiked wheel has a much better traction.
Chainsaw Ancient people believed in demon-banishing powers of this equipment.
Circular Saw Despite what its name suggest, it is very hard to cut circular patterns with these.
Drill "A tool every neighbour should have."
Contact Mine Explodes upon contact.
Pincushion Used to be a attraction in a hedgehod museum.
Railed Lasers Lasers that periodically revolve over a path.

Marine Robots:

Cuttlefish (Large) Flying robot cuttlefish. You can ride them.
Cuttlefish Thieves. Small cuttlefish robots that sometimes hide objects. They will fly away from you if you get too close, but may drop what they carry.
Flying Manta Flying robot manta rays. They usually fly higher than other robots.
Flying Eel Flying eel robots. You can stand on their backs.

Other Gameplay Elements:

Arctic Prefab Buildings used by explorers in arctic parts of planets.
Pylon Pylons that are often used by terraformers to mark their path or provide lighting.
Satellite Dish Satellite receivers that forms a comms network between bases.
Manufacturing Unit An all-purpose manufacturing unit that is crucial for space exploration.
Security Camera Security cameras that record various processes in bases.
Wall Light Small props that provide lighting and small-scale disinfection.
Fence Like a regular fence but more energetic. Harmful to everyone.
Geothermal Turbine Produces energy.
Solar Crop Sun powered panels that generate energy.
Perimeter Designates the safe zones.
Swooner Early -stage terraforming plants.