Recourse v1.2 Patch Notes

Hello everyone!

Ever since we've released Recourse, we've been striving to improve ourselves as developers. We have invested a great deal of time, money and effort into developing new skills and experimented like there was no tomorrow. While creating this update, we challenged ourselves to turn everything we've learned into a new puzzle or gameplay mechanic and put it in Recourse without breaking the game.

It was very difficult, but we're finally here! We're really proud of how far we've come and hope that you'll enjoy the new additions to our little game.

There's so much to go through. We hope you have the time and patience to read them all ;)

Btw, we recommend starting a new game for the full experience. We don't want you to miss anything!


Clouds and Blue Team

What's new in this update?

  • Complete overhaul of the game.
    • Redesigned levels.
    • Much faster/smoother gameplay.
  • New custom visibility and audability solution.
  • New colourful and vibrant art style.
  • 20 new puzzle elements.
  • WINTER unlocks much earlier in the game with 3 new modes.
  • Fully renewed Wave Rush and Payload maps and gameplay.
  • 10 new environmental hazards.
  • Full controller support and calibration options.
  • Custom resolution support.
  • In-game database for quick reference.
  • Two new achievements.
  • New progress announcement system.
  • Redesigned HUD.
  • Recalibrated movement system.
  • Sleet can fly now!
  • Renewed racing system.

Complete Overhaul

  • Recourse is a whole new game now. We've reworked pretty much everything and created just as much content as the original game.
  • We've redesigned all levels from scratch to take full advantage of the new optimization system.
    • Recourse can now handle much denser environments.
    • We've developed a new art style to reflect our initial vision of a vibrant, colourful futuristic world filled with strange underwater looking foliage and marine robots flying around.

New Visibility and Audability Solution

  • We've developed and implemented our own visibility solution to cull irrelevant objects on the screen.
    • This will enable Recourse to run much faster on lower-end computers, especially on older laptops and mini PCs.
    • Sound effects of irrelevant objects are now reduced or culled to prevent the soundscape from becoming too overcrowded.

20 New Puzzle Elements

Hmmm the smell of new puzzle elements! They are all so shiny :)

UI Button

  • Toggle button that can only be interacted via the UI interface.
  • Cannot be toggled by grappling or when pressed by physics objects.

Circuitry Node

  • Receives and redirects power to other nodes or objects.

Two-way cable

  • Can direct electricity flow either way.

Optional Conversation Panel

  • Optional conversations that can be interacted at any time.
  • We all love Sleet and Floe, but they can be a bit too chatty sometimes...

Hex Panels

  • Intersecting circles of six panels. Solved by matching the colours to the sides.

Liquid Levelers

  • Tubes that can be filled with green goo.
  • Solve by filling them just as much as required.

Rotating Plates

  • Six direction rotation controlled by smaller interfaces scattered nearby.

Sliding Squares

  • Very simplistic square sliding puzzle.
  • Often combined with other puzzle elements to spice things up.

Mirroring Sliding Squares

  • They mirror another set of sliding squares close by.

Saver Node

  • Once powered stays powered; even when you leave the level.

Spline Tube

  • Tubes used to transfer objects.
  • They are two-way tunnels.

Spline Tube Director

  • Determines which tube the objects will go.
  • You can change the direction by interacting with them.

Permeable Wall

  • Opens up when powered and allows objects to pass through.

Radial Gate

  • Like a regular gate, only circular.

Radar Connector

  • When powered, activates another radar connector with the same colour and symbol.
  • Every few seconds, it will send a visible signal to show its connection.

Deployable Target

  • Deployables will stick to them.
  • They will be perfectly centered.

Side Purchaser

  • Allows you to spend your points to convert hazards to your sides.
  • The price will go up every time you make a purchase.

Radial Circuit

  • A set of nodes fixed to wheels which you can rotate to close the circuit.
  • You can rotate the entire circuit by rotating the wheels on either end.

Quarter Lock

  • Locks blocking moving platforms.
  • They are usually unlocked by overlap detectors.

Overlap Detector

  • They are powered when a moving platform is inside their designated zone.
  • They are usually connected to quarter locks.

New colourful and vibrant art style

  • An almost dreamy look with virbant alien flora, submerged levels, colourful ground, strange buildings, marine robots flying around.
    • No wonder the code for the beta was "candyaquarium"!
  • It wasn't easy though.
    • This is how we wanted Recourse to look in the beginning, but the sheer number of interconnected elements in any given level limited us in our design choice.
    • We didn't give up and experimented for months until we developed the new visibility system and get it to work without any hick ups.
    • It revolutionized the way we could design our levels, and allowed us to achieve the new look.

10 New Songs

  • Bringing the total to 19 songs.
    • We really love the original songs, but their low number caused them to get admittedly repetitive after a few hours. This should solve that problem ;)
    • Oh btw, we made them more backgroundy this time.

Earlier WINTER with 3 new modules

  • WINTER now unlocks in its basic form after completing Puzzle level 5.
    • You no longer have to collect all the question marks to unlock WINTER.
    • Why? Because it's much more fun to use WINTER in combination with deployables to fight Failbots :D
  • The basic form has the 3 new modules enabled: machinegun, shotgun and rocket launcher
    • WINTER is even more weaponized! Can you imagine?
    • The three new modes do not have secondary fires unlike the advanced modules.
  • Advanced modules of WINTER unlock after collecting all question marks.
    • They operate like they used to.

Renewed Wave Rush and Payload Maps and Gameplay

  • Wide open!
    • Now you can use your mobility much more to your advantage and zip through the levels.
    • Combined with the new WINTER modules, you're now a much more destructive power!
  • Purchasable hazard sides
    • You can now use your points to convert sided hazards to your side.
    • Let Failbots do what they do best: fail to get out of harm's way!
  • Elevated Secret Rooms
    • Nobody likes some pesky Failbots bothering them while solving puzzles.
    • So, we've put the puzzles in elevated rooms and out of their reach!

10 New Environmental Hazards.

  • Speaking of hazards, we now have 10 new ones
    • The stakes are even higher!
    • Unless you convert them to your side.

Hex Pillars

  • A honeycomb base firing pillars of energy with a countdown.
  • You'll get a heads up, but better move fast!

Cutout Radials

  • The safe pathways are marked on its floor.
  • Pay attention to their rotation though!

Laser Spinner

  • What do you get when you put a mining tool above ground?
  • Trouble. You get trouble :)

Paint Baller

  • It was meant to be a decorative tool.
  • Too bad someone threw in a couple of acids in the mixture.

Popping Mines

  • Mines that pop every few seconds and switch their sides.
  • Can't even trust weapons to stay loyal to you these days.

Safe Zoner

  • Stay outside the glowing parts and you'll be fine.
  • Or stay inside and pull Failbots in. It's up to you.

Sliced Sphere

  • It'll give you a couple of seconds to get out of the way.
  • Unless you want to get sliced for some reason. Then you should probably stay in the way.

Spike Roller

  • It'll launch forward then slowly retract itself while damaging anything it touches.
  • This was supposedly an agricultural tool for interstellar ploughing.

Spiked Wheel

  • Basically a bulldozer without any of the unnecessary parts.
  • It leaves behind some harmless dust clouds.


  • Another mining tool.
  • Interstellar miners must have really hated the rocks.

Full controller support and calibration options

  • Recourse now has full controller support
    • You can play in split-screen using a Keyboard&mouse + Gamepad setup or simply using two gamepads.
  • New calibration options
    • In addition to the usual sensitivity and inversion options, Recourse allows you to calibrate the thumbstick deadzones and exponents.
    • Deadzones determine the resting area of the thumbstick. Any value lower than these will be ignored by the game.
    • Exponents determine the power of the thumbstick axis input relative to how far it is pushed. It is the exponent "x" in the following equation:
      • AxisInput = ThumbstickDistance ^ x

Custom resolution support

  • You can manually enter a custom resolution with no hard limitations on the aspect ratio.
    • You can go crazy in windowed mode and pick all sorts of strange aspect ratios.
    • It may not always look good though or may crash the game if you go really wild.
    • In full-screen mode, it may default to the nearest resolution supported by your display.

Two new achievements

  • Living in a Bubble
    • Collect all bubble parts in the B-Levels to upgrade your shield.
  • 1000 Reasons to Live
    • Carry 1000 points on you in a Wave Rush or Payload level.

New progress announcement system

  • Recourse will now show you messages to inform you about a plethora of things such as:
    • New database entries.
    • Progress towards achievements.
    • Whether you failed or succeeded in unlocking an achievement.

Redesigned HUD

  • Input hints are displayed and updated dynamically depending on your input device.
  • New HUD animations in sync with Sleet's movement.
    • It gives a better sense of feedback and adds weight to Sleet's movements.
  • HUD is now scalable.
  • Rearranged HUD elements to clear up screen space.

Recalibrated movement system

  • We've reworked the movement to be even more fluid.
    • Pressing the "Dash" button while grappling will now slingshot you in the grappling direction.
    • While dashing, less gravitiy applies to you, so you can cover more distance.
    • Your hitbox also gets smaller and rounder, so you will slip through more effortlessly.
    • If you ever need a quick landing, hitting the bubble blast key while you're shielded will ground you now.

Sleet can fly now

  • Sleet now temporarily gains the ability to fly after going through a fligh ring or race checkpoint.
    • It lasts a couple of seconds
    • The countdown will refresh if you enter another flight ring or race checkpoint.

Renewed racing system

  • Racing is now flying-oriented and much more fun!
    • It's all about maintaining your speed.
    • Going through the rings gives you a speed boost, so chain them for maximum speed.

In-Game Database

  • Now you can quickly look up how something works in Recourse if you're ever in a pinch!

List of All Improvements to Existing Elements

Got to show those old elements some love!

Final Checkpoint Varieties

  • Puzzle finishes are now only interactable via UI to prevent accidental level exits.
  • They shoot beams now in Wave Rush levels to make them more visible.

New Perimeter Model

  • All levels are now half submerged on the outside.
  • The perimeter now has see-through glass to look outside like a reverse aquarium.

New Race Results Display

  • Time trial races now have a new display on hovering on the left side.

Ferro Drop Optimization

  • Ferro drops now only run their calculations when necessary.

Loopbox-BGM Blending

  • Background music will now fade away as you approach to loopboxes.
  • This prevents two types of music playing at the same time with different tempos etc.

New Frequency Display Screen on Tuning Forks

  • There's now a simple oscillator that changes colour.
  • It makes it easier to match frequency averages.

New Pointers for Mystery Detectors

  • Mystery detectors will now show a beam pointing at the mystery numbers and mystery input panels.
  • The beams will become narrower and more opaque as you get closer.